Bohdan Penyukh

Position: Associate Professor, Physical and Biomedical Electronics Department

Scientific degree: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Academic status: Associate Professor

Phone (office): (032) 239-47-84


Research interests

Surface physics, physics and technology of thin films



  • Ivankiv L. On the mechanism of chemisorption and dissociation of chemisorbed oxygen molecules on oxides / L. Ivankiv, B. Penyukh // Physical Collection of the National Academy of Sciences, Ser. 244-256.
  • Kozak M. The conductivity and structure of ultrathin lead and manganese films / M.Kozak, O.Kravchenko, B.Penyukh // XIII International Conference “Physics and Technology of Thin Films and Nanosystems”, May 16-21, 2011. – Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. Materials. -V.2. – P. 80.
  • Ivankiv L.I. To the question of chemisorption kinetics. Ivano-Frankivsk, May 18-23, 2009, P. 387.
  • Stasiuk Z.V. Electronic phenomena in ultrathin electrically continuous films of metals / Stasiuk Z.V., Bigun R.I., Penyukh B.R. // 12th International Conference “Physics and Technology of Thin Films and Nanosystems”. Ivano-Frankivsk, May 18-23, 2009 – P. 94-95.


Academic degree:



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