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The student Government is an integral part of student life at the faculty of physics at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv .

Protecting the students rights and interests, education of a new generation of Ukrainian citizens , realization of abilities and talents of young people, is not possible without this organization. It contributes to the harmonious development of students, provides an opportunity to obtain the necessary future skills of self-organization, teamwork, to acquire organizational skills and etiquette.


Anya Voznyak (FzF-41)

Myroslav Kasheba (FzA-51)

Pavlo Kovalchuk (FzF-51)

Pavlo Bud'ko (FzP-41)

Iryna Nakonechna (FzF-41)

Marta Tistechko (FzF-31)

Denys Tishchenko (FzP-21)

Areas of Activity


The student Government helps different orphanages : once a year ,on St. Nicholas Day, our students visit orphans. For purchasing gifts and basic necessities are organized charity events in the form of fairs, donation boxes at parties, cultural activities and other University events.


Every year we create an interesting artistic and cultural program. We organize Shevchenko parties, concerts, holidays, quests, Cossacks fun, sports competition in football, volleyball, basketball, arm-wrestling, aerobics, freshman’s days, Days of physicists, and honour the heroes of our country (annual march to Yaniv cemetery).


The faculty annually holds conferences and organizes scientific circles; holds the ” Open Doors Days “, especially interesting is a trip to Astronomical Observatory.


A special group carries out regular checks, provides normal living conditions for students, and cooperates with the staff of the dormitory.


We inform students about current and upcoming events happening at the University, in Lviv and in Ukraine. For this purpose we have created corresponding groups in social networks.