PhD and Doctorate

Post-graduate and doctorate programs are the main branches of qualified employees’ preparation in scientific and educational areas.

In Ukraine post-graduate and doctorate programs are available at the educational establishments of the third or the fourth levels of accreditation or equivalent establishments of continuing education, scientific establishments, which employ qualified specialist in the areas of education and research and provide modern scientific, technical, experimental and material basis.

During the course of studies post-graduate students learn to apply the methods of scientific research, take candidate exams and carry out scientific research related to the chosen subject of PhD thesis. In Ukraine candidate exams in philosophy, foreign language (per choice) and specialization (in reference to the thesis subject) are compulsory. Applicants accepted to the post-graduate program. After the completion of post-graduate studies students have to finish their work on the PhD thesis and offer it for defense.

A person, who has been awarded PhD degree, shows exceptional scientific achievements and has published papers in the area of research, is eligible to take the doctorate program.

Post-graduate student’s rights and obligations

Post graduate students have a right to:

  1. Take a full advantage of educational, scientific, cultural, recreational and sport facilities of higher educational and scientific establishments.

  2. Get any available scientific information and consulting.

  3. Take part in scientific activities of the department or laboratory.

  4. Temporarily stop the studies at the presence of a serious reason with further continuation. Terms and acceptable amount of breaks as well as the reason of interruption are considered by the scientific council of the higher educational or scientific establishment.

  5. Take annual vacations lasting up to two month, which are included into general term of the program in case of being accepted for studies with industrial separation.

  6. Take part in elections to self-government organizations of the higher educational or scientific establishment.

  7. Get a partial job according to the Ukrainian legislation.

  8. Be provided with security and harmless studying and working conditions.

  9. Be provided with ordered accommodation for the period of studies under the condition of paying the fixed fee.

  10. Scientific establishments are not permitted to give post-graduate student obligations which are not related to preparation of the PhD thesis.

Post-graduate students are obliged to:

  1. Follow the demands of legislation, moral and ethical norms of behavior.

  2. Develop profound knowledge, practical skills, professional expertise and general cultural level.

  3. Learn to implement the methods of scientific research.

  4. Carry out the individual working plans. An individual working plan of a post-graduate student includes taking candidate exams in specialization, philosophy and foreign language. An additional exam might be appointed to the consideration of a special scientific council of the establishment taking to account candidate’s specialization and pedagogical practice.

  5. Report about the course of the PhD program at
    Defense the PhD thesis or to offer it to specialized academic council at the stated term.

  6. Follow the regulations of high educational or scientific establishment.