Parallel Programming (Parallel and Distributed Computing (2022)) (SE, HPC)

Type: Normative

Department: system design




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
432Associate Professor Shuvar R. Y.ФеП-21

Laboratory works

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Опис навчальної дисципліни

As a result of taking this course, the student will:


the basic principles underlying parallel and distributed computing, the concepts of modern programming modern approaches to the organization of distributed computing, the architecture of distributed computing systems and the peculiarities of organizing distributed information processing. Have skills in creating and debugging parallel and distributed programs. Have methods and tools of software for parallel and distributed computer systems;

be able to:

apply knowledge to solve applied problems, namely to manage and implement the interaction of processes, model parallel computing, create and debug parallel and distributed programs, build parallel algorithms, create programs using many processes (threads). Implement synchronous or asynchronous variants of parallel processes using MPI / OpenMP / CUDA libraries, using standard tools of the C programming language.

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