Programming basics (121 Software engineering)

Type: Normative

Department: optoelectronics and information technologies




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
132Associate Professor Ivan KaterynchukФеП-11, ,

Laboratory works

SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
132ФеП-11Senior Researcher Krupych  O. M.
Dufanets M. V.

Опис навчальної дисципліни

1.1. The purpose of teaching the discipline is to provide students with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge of algorithmization and programming. Formation of students’ practical skills that would allow them to effectively apply knowledge of the basics of programming.

1.2. The main tasks of studying the discipline: to acquaint students with the concepts of: basics of programming, abstraction and algorithms, compilation and interpretation, development environment, keywords, identifiers and modifiers, operators, branching operators and loops, functions, one-dimensional and multidimensional arrays, tapes and work with them, the structure of the C program memory, pointers, structures, input / output system, work with the file system, directives.

1.3. According to the requirements of the educational and professional program students must:

know: the relevance of studying algorithms and programming languages, methods of representing algorithms, methods of programmatic implementation of algorithms and means of debugging programs.

be able to: classify and solve problems related to the construction and programmatic implementation of algorithms, apply knowledge of programming basics in the process of writing program code, use modern development environments when creating programs for various purposes.

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