Bohdan Horon

Position: Postgraduate student of the Faculty of Physics of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Lecturer, Optoelectronics and Information Technologies Department


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Research interests

  • modeling of physical processes in crystals, in particular, modeling from the first principles;
  • phase transitions in ferroelectric crystals.




  1. Structure, electronic, optical and elastic properties of (NH4)2BeF4 crystal in paraelectric phase / M.Ya. Rudysh, A.O. Fedorchuk, V.Yo. Stadnyk, P.A. Shchepanskyi, R.S. Brezvin, B.I. Horon, O.Yu. Khyzhun, O.M. Gorina // Current Applied Physics. – 2023. – 45. – P. 76-85. – DOI: 10.1016/j.cap.2022.11.005.
  2.  Temperature dependence of dielectric permittivity in incommensurately modulated phase of ammonium fluoroberyllate  / B. I. Horon, O. S. Kushnir, P. A. Shchepanskyi, V. Yo. Stadnyk  // J. Phys.: Condens. Matter. – 2022. – 25, 4. – С. 1-11. – DOI: 10.5488/CMP.25.43704.
  3. Вплив одновісного стичкання на ІЧ спектри кристалів (NH4)2BeF4 / Б. Горон, М. Рудиш, В. Стадник, Р. Брезвін, І. Матвіїшин, П. Щепанський // Вісник Львівського університету. Серія фізична. – 2022.
  4. Refractive indices of ammonium fluoroberyllate crystals in a wide range of temperatures / B. I. Horon, V. Y. Stadnyk, O. S. Kushnir // 11th International Conference RNAOPM-2022: Proceedings and Book of Abstracts. – June 01–05, 2022. – Lutsk, Ukraine. – P. 44–45.
  5. Comparison of Levanyuk–Sannikov and Prelovsek–Levtšik–Filipič models for incommensurate–ferroelectric phase transition in ammonium fluoroberyllate / B. Horon, O. Kushnir, M. Rudysh, V. Stadnyk // XI International Seminar “Properties of Ferroelectric and Superionic Systems”: Book of Abstracts. – October 28, 2022. – Uzhhorod, Ukraine. – P. 11–12.
  6. Influence of structural defects on incommensurate–ferroelectric phase transition in ammonium fluoroberyllate / B. Horon, O. Kushnir, M. Rudysh, V. Stadnyk // International Conference in Theoretical and Experimental Physics “HEUREKA-2022”: Book of Abstracts. – October 18–20, 2022. – Lviv, Ukraine. – P. B7.
  7. Least-Squares Analysis of the Dielectric Permittivity for Improper Ferroelectric Ammonium Fluorobery llate / Horon B.I., Kushnir O.S., Stadnyk V.Yo., Kashuba A.I. // 2021 IEEE 12th InternationalConferenceonElectronicsandInformation Technologies (ELIT). – 2021.
  8. First Principles Calculation of Band Structure and Physical Properties of Ferroelectric (NH4)2BeF4 Crystal / Rudysh M., Horon B., Schepanskyi P., Stadnyk V., Brezvin R. // 2021 IEEE 12th International Conference on Electronics and Information Technologies (ELIT). – 2021.http://10.1109/ELIT53502.2021.9501145
  9. Calculation of Magnetic Field Azimuthal Distribution of the Pipeline with Defect//  ;;;International Scientific and Technical Conference on Computer Sciences and Information Technologies, 2, pp. 111–114, 9321888 (2020) http://10.1109/CSIT49958.2020.9321888
  10. Information Technology of Surveys and Diagnostics of Underground Pipelines// ;;;;//2019 11th International Scientific and Practical Conference on Electronics and Information Technologies, ELIT 2019 – ProceedingsOpen AccessPages 214 – 217 (2019) http://10.1109/ELIT.2019.8892295


Education: higher (2014 – 2019 Lviv National University, Faculty of Physics, specialty “Applied Physics and Nanomaterials”)

Postgraduate studies: from 01.09. 2020 – graduate student of the Department of General Physics, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.


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