Technique of physical experiment (153 – Sensory and diagnostic electronic systems)

Type: Normative

Department: physical and biomedical electronics




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632Maksymych  V. М.ФеM-31, ФеM-32

Laboratory works

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Опис навчальної дисципліни

The course “Technique of Physical Experiment” is a normative discipline of the cycle of natural science training.

Purpose: presentation of the basics of planning a physical experiment, acquaintance with methods and devices for measuring physical quantities (sections: measurement of electrical physical quantities (current, voltage, charge, etc.); measurement of non-electrical physical quantities.).

Objective: to teach students to plan and measure physical quantities with various technical devices in order to use the acquired knowledge and skills in performing laboratory work in other disciplines and during course and thesis work.

Learning outcomes:

Methods of planning and conducting a physical experiment.
Methods and devices for measuring physical quantities.

be able:
use the acquired knowledge to plan and conduct a physical experiment;
practically perform measurements of physical quantities and evaluate the accuracy of these measurements;
to automate the physical experiment.

Силабус: Техніка фізичного експерименту

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