Optoelectronics (153)

Type: Normative

Department: optoelectronics and information technologies




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
732Associate Professor Yuriy KorchakФеM-41, ФеM-42

Laboratory works

SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
732ФеM-41Associate Professor Yuriy Korchak, Rusyniak  M. O.

Опис навчальної дисципліни

The aim of this discipline is to develop in students a set of knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for solving theoretical and practical problems that arise at the intersection of solid state physics, optics, electronics, and in recent years, mechanics.

Objectives: to familiarize students with the modern base of semiconductor emitters and receivers of optical radiation, as well as optical media for light propagation. Considerable attention is paid to the study of the design and operation of multi-element radiation receivers and various types of indicator devices for displaying information. Technical vision systems and the basic principles of digital optical information processing are also considered.

Recommended Literature

  1. Dakin J. P. Handbook of Optoelectronics. Second edition. Volume 3. Applied Optical Electronics / Edited by J. P. Dakin, R. G. W. Brown. – London: New York – London: Boca Raton – CRC Press, 2018. – 445 p.


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