Low-level programming (CS)

Type: For the student's choice

Department: radioelectronic and computer systems




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
932Associate Professor Fliunt O. Y.ФеІм-14

Laboratory works

SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
948ФеІм-14Associate Professor Fliunt O. Y., Associate Professor Fliunt O. Y.

Опис навчальної дисципліни

The subject of the discipline is the architecture, structure, parameters and capabilities of microcontrollers, the core and peripherals of microcontrollers, software automated tools for developing and debugging software codes for microcontrollers, assembly language for both 8-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers, microcontroller programming.

The purpose of teaching the discipline “Low-level programming” is to master the architecture of 8-bit microcontrollers from Microchip, their tools and capabilities, study the assembler of 8-bit microcontrollers PIC16 MpAsm, tools and capabilities of integrated design environment MpLabX, architecture, tools and tools STMicroelectronics, STM32 microcontroller programming environment.

The main tasks of studying the discipline “Low-level programming” is to ensure the student’s familiarity with the architecture, structure, parameters of 8-bit PIC microcontrollers; mid-level microcontrollers, assembly language, tools for designing and developing software in assembly language and C. The study of the architecture and structure of 32-bit microcontrollers will be based on STM32 microcontrollers. The development of microcontroller programming will take place using the integrated development environment CooCox.

According to the requirements of the educational and professional program, students must:

know: architecture and structure of 8-bit microcontrollers PIC16, assembler of 8-bit microcontrollers MPASM, RISC command system, architecture and structure of 32-bit microcontrollers STM32 Microelectronics, CortexM3 / M4 microcontrollers; also a standard I / O library for Cortex M3 / M4 CMSIS microcontrollers.

be able to: create simple programs for microcontrollers Microchip and STMicroelectrocnics, simulate the work of microcontrollers using software, debug programs written for microcontrollers in integrated development environments MpLabX and CooCox, write code in microcontrollers.

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