Information Architecture

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The course introduces modern approaches to the implementation of client-oriented information architecture, conceptual and applied information architecture parameters, its principles and components. At the same time, students receive a guidance on the use of information architecture, organization systems, subject matter, navigation and search, which is a prerequisite for usability oriented web development.

Thus the course is aimed to study the basic concepts and methods of information architecture, to analyze the methodology and practical algorithms for identifying and implementing important usability characteristics of the Web project.

Objectives: after studying this discipline student must


the development strategies of architecturally grounded web projects;

optimization opportunities for existing web projects;

principles of information architecture in relation to the usability issues;

be able to:

optimize your web projects according to the user demands;

implement subject-matter, navigation, structuring and search in a user-friendly manner;

conduct social research, develop information usability targeted research strategies.


Interdisciplinary connections: Web technologies, web design, relational database, computer graphics. The discipline directly serves as the basis for a research project at the master educational level.


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