Game theory (126 Information systems and technologies)

Type: For the student's choice

Department: optoelectronics and information technologies




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The Game Theory course is a discipline of the student’s free choice from the cycle of professionally oriented disciplines.


Objective: to provide students with the necessary theoretical knowledge of game theory. Formation of practical skills that would allow students to effectively apply knowledge and methods of game theory.


Objectives: to familiarize students with the concepts of: matrix games, infinite antagonistic and non-antagonistic games, multi-step games, antagonistic and non-antagonistic differential games, cooperative games, principles of optimality in various game situations.


As a result of studying this course, the student should

know the relevance of game theory; models and methods of solving game situations;

be able to classify and solve problems in game theory; apply computer technology in solving game situations.


The course requires knowledge gained in the study of general and special disciplines of the specialty, primarily “Higher Mathematics”, “Discrete Mathematics”, “Programming”, “Numerical Methods”, “Mathematical Methods of Operations Research”, “Decision Theory”.

Recommended Literature

  1. Harold W. Kuhn Lectures on the Theory of Games / Harold Kuhn – Princeton and Oxford: Published by Princeton University Press, 2003. – 107 p.
  2. Erich Prisner Game Theory Through Examples / Erich Prisner – Published and Distributed by The Mathematical Association of America, 2014. – 287 p.


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