Bioelectronics (153 – Sensor and diagnostic electronic systems)

Type: For the student's choice

Department: physical and biomedical electronics




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
916Professor Bordun O. M.ФеM-51

Laboratory works

SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
932ФеM-51Associate Professor Kukharskyy I. Y., Associate Professor Kukharskyy I. Y.

Опис навчальної дисципліни

The subject of study of the discipline is the peculiarities of the use of electronic systems for solving medical and biological problems and the device of appropriate equipment. Bioelectronics is based on the laws of physics, mathematics, biology, physiology and other sciences and includes physiological electronics.

Today, many traditionally non-electrical characteristics – temperature, biochemical parameters, etc. the measurements try to convert into an electrical signal, while, along with medical diagnostic devices, trends in the development of molecular electronic devices for computer systems, biosensors as a new generation of analytical devices, construction of logic elements from bioorganic materials. The analysis of protein chains of electronic transport in which one-electronic processes are carried out is carried out that allows to realize mono-electronic logic devices.

Learning outcomes:


  • basic ideas, concepts and laws of bioelectronics, the limits of their application;
  • the doctrine of ionic equilibria; resting potential and action potential; electrical activity of organs and electromagnetic fields of the human body;
  • the doctrine of cell culture as a material of bioelectronics and methods of its research; use of coherent-optical methods for the study of cell cultures;
  • devices based on bioelectronics; basics of biosensors; logical elements based on organic compounds.

be able:

  • apply the studied laws and principles to solve problems in bioelectronics;
  • apply the acquired knowledge in practice, in particular during the performance of experimental tasks;
  • explain bioelectronic processes and phenomena used in medical diagnostics and therapy;
  • determine the principles of operation and scope of bioelectric methods and devices, the work of which is based on physical laws and phenomena.

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