Databases (SE)

Type: Normative

Department: system design




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332Hera O. B.ФеП-21

Laboratory works

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Опис навчальної дисципліни

The purpose of studying the discipline is to form a systematic basic understanding, primary knowledge, skills and abilities of students on the basics of database organization and knowledge as a scientific and applied discipline, sufficient for further education and self-education in the field of computer science, information systems for various purposes; to give an idea of the role and place of databases in automated information systems, the purpose and main characteristics of various database management systems, their functionality; to obtain a basic level of

The objectives of studying the discipline “Databases” are to study models of data structures; ways to store data at the physical level, types and methods of organizing file systems; relational data model and DBMS that implements this model, SQL query languages; capabilities of DBMS that support different models of data organization, advantages and disadvantages of these DBMS in the implementation of different data structures, by means of these DBMS; understanding of ways to classify DBMS depending on the implemented data models and ways to use them; problems and the main ways to solve them when collecting data.

Recommended Literature

Gaidarzhi V.I., Izvarin I.V. Databases in information systems. – K.; University “Ukraine”, 2018. – 418 p.
Timonin V.O. Lecture notes on the discipline “Fundamentals of database systems” for students in the field of study 6.050201 System Engineering: KhNADU, 2016. 88 p. (in electronic form).
Timonin V.O. Methodical instructions for conducting laboratory work in the discipline “Fundamentals of database systems” for students in the field of study 6.050201 Systems Engineering: KhNADU, 2016. 118 p. (in electronic form).


Інформаційні ресурси:

  2. Бази даних в проектуванні і реалізації інформаційних систем fo rmatsiynih_sistem
  3. Бази даних та інформаційні системи:
  4. SQL Server.
  6. Azure Data Studio.
  7. Northwind database.
  8. Pubs database.
  9. StackOverflow2010 database.


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