International Startup Forum Bridges U.S. and Ukrainian Students: “We are here. We are all.”

06.12.2023 | 11:32

on December 5, 2023, an exhilarating International Startup Forum was organized by student teams from the faculty and business school of the University of Wisconsin, USA. The event took place online from 19:15 to 20:45 Kyiv time.

Under the theme “We are here. We are all. We are the soil for future decisive changes,” the forum became a space for exchanging ideas, innovations, and opportunities for students from both countries.

Participants from our university showcased exciting startups, presenting their ideas and projects in video presentations:

  1. Pethome: An innovative approach to pet care. Watch the presentation
  2. “BAGEL PLAYGROUND” game: An engaging interactive game that has already impressed viewers. Watch the video
  3. AutoCompanio: Intelligent solutions for automotive safety. See it here
  4. Vispi – a marketplace with pattern recognition: A market with image recognition for a new level of shopping. Watch the video
  5. CargoWave: An innovative logistics platform for optimizing freight transport. Download the presentation
  6. Grow&Pull marketplace for startups: A platform to support and develop startups. Watch the presentation

Forum participants, representing students from both countries, actively exchanged contacts for future collaboration and communication. This marks an inspiring step forward in connecting two disciplines – business management and computer science and fostering collaboration between two cultures and countries.

The event was moderated by Professor Mary Space from the University of Wisconsin and Igor Katernyak from Lviv National University.

The forum concluded successfully, leaving all participants impressed and charged with new ideas. This event defined itself as a crucial point for exchanging innovations and partnerships among young entrepreneurs from two great nations.

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