Monitors and Advisers

Group Leaders are representatives of Dean’s office and the Student Council for effective organization of the educational process in academic group, management of students’ team and involving them into all organizational events which are carried out by Rector, Dean and the Student Council or on their behalf.

A Group Leader is chosen by the Dean of the Faculty among the candidates which are suggested by the academic group. The candidacy of the Group Leader has to be coordinated with the group’s mentor and the chairman of the Student Council of the Faculty. The candidacy of his deputy has to be agreed with the Dean.

A Group Leader could be the most successful student in academy group with high moral issues, with good reputation among students. That should be someone who is also active in social life of the Faculty,has management skills and has authority over the students.

The mentor of academy group is someone whose responsibilities are to help students to form the students’ team, to carry out the educational work among students, to contact with parents when it is needed, to solve the students’ problems, to give them the possible assistance, to control the educational process and etc.
The post of  mentor may take a lecturer who has authority over the students, high moral issues,extraordinary teaching and organizational skills.

Monitors and Advisers

Year / academic groupMonitor Advisor
FeI-11Kostetskyi Dmytro prof. Rabyk V. H.
FeI-12Taras Mariana prof.  Nenchuk T.M.
FeI-13Yakobchuk Artem Sveleba S. A.
FeI-14Luhovska Veronika lecturer. Hura V. T.
FeI-15Kolivoshka Mark-Markiian lecturer. Kulyk P. R.
FeP-11Pohonchuk Nazar prof. Kushnir O. O.
FeP-12Velychko Kateryna lecturer. Parandii P. P.
FeP-13Feshchak Marta Krupych O. M.
FeP-14Hnateiko Oleh lecturer. Kaskun O. D.
FeS-11Terekhovskyi Maksym prof. Zlobin H. H.
FeS-12Uliak  Nazar Olenych I. B.
FeS-13Kryshtapiuk Oleksandra prof. Kunio I. M.
FeМ-11Luchyn Dmytro prof. Bihun R. I.
FeМ-12Zarivniak Valeriia prof. Matviishyn I. M.
FeL-11Fanda Maksym prof. Lys R. M.
FeI-21Romaniuk  Vadym prof. Khvyshchun I. O.
FeI-22Kolodii Bohdan prof. Velhosh S. R.
FeI-23Shambora Yurii Polovynko I. I.
FeI-24Chukhnii Rostyslav lecturer.  Futei O. V.
FeP-21Sofiieva Arina lecturer Kovtko R. T.
FeP-22Haliak Oleh prof. Fliunt O. Ye.
FeP-23Femiak Myknailo lecturer. Prodyvus A. M.
FeS-21Panchyshyn Olha lecturer. Mostova M. R.
FeМ-21Hashevskyi Oleksandr prof. Kukharskyi I. Y.
FeМ-22Hryzohlazov Nazarii lecturer Kushlyk M. O.
FeI-31Savka Andrii prof. Blahitko B. Ya.
FeI-32Nesterenko Yevhen lecturer Rybak A. V.
FeI-33Kovalskyi Mykhailo prof. Katerynchuk I. M.
FeI-34Kadirov  Yurii lecturer Sinkevych О.О.
FeP-31Andreikiv Iryna Koman B. P.
FeS-31Pidluzhnyi Illia prof. Boiko Ya. V.
FeМ-31Dutko Orest lecturer Medvid І. І.
FeМ-32Kostyshyn Denys prof. Kostyk L. V.
FeI-41Dryzhalovych Volodymyr prof. Liubun Z. M.
FeI-42Bren Andrii Balytskyi О.О.
FeI-43Shyika Taras Kushnir O. S.
FeI-44Osadchuk Oleh prof. Sokolovskyi B. S.
FeS-41Matsiak Severyn Karbovnyk I. D.
FeS-42Alfavitskyi Rostyslav lecturer Parubochyi V. O., Associate prof. Panochko H. I.
FeМ-41Hontar Alona prof. Slobodzian D. P.
FeIm-11Zola Olena lecturer Shmyhelskyi Ya. A.
FeIm-12Leskiv Liliia lecturer Kushnir V.V.
FeIm-13Makovei Arsen lecturer Dufanets M. V.
FeIm-14Sitka Yuliia Monastyrskyi L. S.
FeMm-11Senko Anastasiia lecturer Buchkovska M. D.
FeMm-12Kordiuk Denys Luchechko A. P.
FeIm-21Pankovych Bohdan Bolesta I. M.
FeIm-22Mysiuk Iryna prof. Stakhira R. Y.
FeIm-23Kovalov Maksym prof. Hrabovskyi V. A.
FeIm-24Kyrychenko Yevhen Monastyrskyi L. S.
FeMm-21Likhovych Taras prof. Peniukh B. R.
FeMm-22Hashchuk Markiian Halii P. V.
FeIm-21зBatenchuk Bolesta I. M.