About the defense of team projects by FIRST year students at SoftServe

04.06.2022 | 09:14

Recently, within the framework of the dual educational program “122 Computer Science”, 1st year students of this EP of the Faculty of Electronics and Computer Technologies of the LNU named after. I. Franko presented their team projects!

They presented projects developed independently under the guidance of mentors from SoftServe. And now a little more about each of the commands:

BBS (Big BrainS) Team – Cube Project – a project to support people far from home due to the situation in the country.
TechGang – Planner 2022 – Go Today is an app for optimizing the use of your own time.
ArtIt – Vasarely is a mobile social network application for artists to create the largest art community.
GameDev Gym – Liber Maetios is a 2D game, the idea of ​​which is to show how children see the war in Ukraine because of the gameplay.
Quaice – Lendory – the goal is to make the process of finding a home easier.
Juniors – Softlearn – the idea was to create a learning platform that will be useful for future applicants.
XioCompan – Strong Nation is a telegram bot to support Ukrainians during the difficult period of the war in Ukraine.
Softtech – GoHabit – a program for gaining good habits.
CyberIntelligence – Stay safe – an information advisor for getting useful information on what to do in case of an emergency.
Team – Studik – the goal is to create a convenient information environment related to the life of our faculty for its students.
Winx Team – Game “Survivor” – the idea is to test and show your knowledge in practice.

To evaluate projects and provide feedback to students, the best SoftServe specialists were invited – Vladimir Zygmund, Natalia Boyko, Artem Zamriy, Vladislav Kopanov, Viktor Savelyev, Kristina Leskiv, Oksana Pasirskaya, Oleg Vasilyshyn and Roman Gritsishin.

Thanks to the mentors and students who took the time to work on projects during the tumultuous months after the outbreak of the war.

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