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Faculty of Electronics and Computer Technology trains bachelors and masters in two modern fields of science – computer science and micro and nanoelectronics.


Students obtain a Bachelor’s Degreel on the basis of full general secondary education after 4 years of study in specialties:


121 – Software Engineering;





121 – High Performance Computing;






122 – Computer Science;





126 – Information systems and technologies;





153 – Micro- and nanosystem technology.





171 – Electronics and computer systems




Applicants submit a certificate of complete secondary education and certificates of ZNO (external national assessment) in 1) the Ukrainian language, 2) mathematics and 3) a certificate of external examination in one of the subjects of Ukrainian history / foreign language / biology / geography / physics / chemistry – optionally.

We also admit college graduates who have received the educational level of a junior bachelor specialist to the 2nd or 3rd year of studies with a normative term of education (2 years).

Junior specialists (junior bachelors):

  • for the specialty 121 – “Software Engineering” we accept for the 2nd year only from the specialty 121 – “Software Engineering”.
  • for specialty 122 – “Computer Science” for the 3rd year in specialties 12 *
  • for specialty 126 – “Information systems and technologies” for the 3rd year in specialties 12 * and others.
  • for specialty 153 – “Micro- and nanosystem technology” for the 3rd year in specialties 15 *
  • for specialty 153 – “Micro- and nanosystem technology” for the 2nd year in other specialties.


Such entrants submit a diploma of a junior specialist, pass an external examination (1. Ukrainian language. 2. History of Ukraine, or a foreign language, or biology, or geography, or physics, or chemistry) and pass a professional entrance exam.



The educational Master’s degree is obtained by bachelors or specialists of corresponding specialties after one and a half years of study in specialties:


122 – Computer science and information technology,
specializing in:



  • “Information technology of design”;
  • “System design”;
  • “Systems of artificial intelligence”;
  • “Specialized computer systems”;


153 – Micro and nanosystem technology,
specializing in



  • “Physical and biomedical electronics”.

Applicants submit a bachelor’s degree (or specialist) and pass a professional entrance exam and a single entrance exam (EMI) in a foreign language, if the bachelor’s degree is related to the relevant master’s degree.

Entrants from other specialties take an additional professional entrance exam before the main professional exam.