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The primary student trade union and student self-government are organizations that stand up for student rights.

Their tasks are to provide and protect the rights and interests of students, in particular regarding the organization of the educational process: promoting the educational, scientific and creative activity of students, creating appropriate conditions for living in the dormitory and leisure of students, the activities of student circles, societies, associations, clubs of interest; organizing of cooperation with students of other higher education institutions and youth organizations.

In order to ensure comfortable study conditions and interesting leisure time, the teams of the student trade union and the student council work at the faculty.

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Any full-time university student  who accepts the Statute of the Trade Union of Educators and Scientists of Ukraine, who has applied for admission and regularly pays union fees (1% of the academic scholarship, if received by a student) may become a member of the union.

Each full-time university student is a member of student self-government.

Benefits of union membership:

  • Protecting the rights and guarantees of assistance in a situation that requires it.
  • Constant awareness.
  • Assistance in social scholarship application.
  • Assistance with a grant for students living in a dormitory.
  • Assistance in the production of an International Certificate (ISIC).
  • An interesting and unforgettable student life.
  • Extra points in student rankings.
  • Possibility of cheap summer holidays on the sea and mountains.


Online Startup Battle – on May 21 at 10: 00-13: 00

18.05.2020 | 10:57

13 student teams are ready to make a stand for their ideas for starting a business, to compete not only with new products, but also with extraordinary business models.
It is worth hearing and seeing how each team will not just make a presentation, but will try to convince everyone present that WHAT they offer is a value to the market, and HOW they offer to do business is their guarantee of a breakthrough to this market.
Before the start, there will...

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Series of webinars “IT Week at Lviv University”

04.04.2020 | 21:22

From April 6 to April 10, 2020 a series of webinars “IT Week at Lviv University” will be held. The department is actively involved in the preparation and holding of the event. In particular, the technical support of the webinars is based on the laboratory of high-performance computing systems, and 5 speakers are the department representatives. More information about the event is available at

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