Research Projects

Research projects funded by the state budget

Obtaining and Investigating of Nanosystems Based on Chalcogenide Semiconductors with Natural Nanostructured Matrices. Fundamental research work. Supervisor: Pavlo Galiy, Dr. Sci., Professor.

Nanostructured and polycrystalline REM-containing materials for scintillators, sensors and energy-saving technologies. Applied research. SupervisorYaroslav Shpotyuk, Ph.D, Senior Researcher.

Modification of sensory properties of silicon structures and REM-containing materials based on oxides and chalcogenides Fundamental research work. Supervisor: Roman Lys, Ph.D, Associate Professor.

Micro- and nanoscale ferroelectric crystals for polyfunctional electronics. Fundamental research work. Supervisor: Ivan Kunio, Ph.D.

Фізичні процеси у матеріалах сенсорики на основі оксидів та халькогенідів, активованих рідкісно-земельними елементами. Fundamental research work. Supervisor: Bohdan Pavlyk. Dr. Sci., Professor.

Research works performed by lecturers within working hours

  1. Designing of intelligent microcomputer systems. Liubomyr Monastyrskyi, Dr. Sci., Professor.
  2. Scale effects in complex systems and computational linguistics. Oleh Kushnir, Dr. Sci., Professor.
  3. Dynamic modes of nanoperiodic superstructure in ferroics. Serhiy Sveleba, Dr. Sci., Professor.
  4. Experimental research and computer modeling of nanoelectronics materials and devices. Ivan Bolesta, Dr. Sci., Professor.
  5. Development of methods and programs for complex dynamic systems modeling. Bohdan Blahitko, Ph.D., Associate Professor.
  6. Parallel algorithms for selection of information elements of raster images. Roman Shuvar,  Ph.D, Associate Professor.