Bohdan Pavlyk

Position: Chairperson, Department of Sensory and Semiconductor Electronics

Scientific degree: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Academic status: Professor

Phone (office): +38 032 239 4730


Google Scholar profile:

Research interests

Radiation processes in semiconductors and dielectrics; devices of sensors electronics; the influence of ionizing radiation and weak magnetic fields on the processes of evolution of defects in surface-barrier structures on the basis of p-Si; dislocation luminescence of p-Si crystals; changes in the surface morphology of semiconductor crystals under the influence of external fields.



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Degree                         Doctor of Physics and Mathematics (1999)

Academic Rank       Distinguished Professor (2017)


1995-1998      Post-Doctorate, LNU

Thesis: Radiation and Thermo-Stimulated Processes Aggregation Defects in Semiconductor and Dielectric Crystals

1982-1985      Doctoral Studies, LNU

Thesis: Destruction of Crystals of Alkaline Halide Compounds

1968- 1973       Graduate degree, LNU

Specialization in radio-physics and electronics



2018-now       Distinguished Professor, LNU

2017-now        Chair of the Department of Sensory and Semiconductor       Electronics, LNU

2003-2017      Chair of the Department of Electronics, LNU

2002-2003      Acting Chair of the Department of Electronics, LNU

1999-2018      Professor, LNU

1986-1995      Associate Professor, LNU

1983-1986      Assistant Professor, LNU

1975-1983      Engineer and later senior engineer of the laboratory, LNU


Other Affiliations

Deputy Head of the Publishing Council, LNU

Member of the Editorial Board for two peer-reviewed journals

Deputy Chairman of the Specialized Academic Council D 35.051.09, LNU

Expert of the Physics and Astronomy Council of the State Post-Graduate Accreditation Committee, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Chair of the Graduate State Examination Commission, Lviv National Polytechnic University



Contemporary Issues of Applied Electronics

Solid State Electronics

Physics as Foundation of Sensors



Scientific supervisor, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine SE-76F Physical Processes in Materials of Sensors Based on Oxides and Chalcogenides, Activated by Rare-Earth Elements (DR No. 0118U003612). Duration 2018-2020


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