Andriy Luchechko

Position: Associate Professor, Department of Sensory and Semiconductor Electronics, Associate Dean, факультету електроніки та комп'ютерних технологій of educational and methodical work

Scientific degree: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Academic status: Associate Professor

Phone (office): +380322394686


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Research interests

Luminescent spectroscopy of complex oxides for active media of solid-state lasers, phosphors, and detectors of ionizing radiation; TSL and OSL dosimetry; nanomaterials.

Author (co-author) of more than 200 scientific and educational works, including 92 articles (73 of them are included in the databases Scopus / Web of Science), more than 100 abstracts at international and national scientific conferences.

Foreign internships:
08/2018, 10/2019 – Division of Physics and Technology of Broadband Semiconductors, Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences (Warsaw, Poland).
02/2016, 09/2017 – Faculty of Physics, Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey).



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2016 – present – Associate Professor, Department of Sensor and Semiconductor Electronics, Lviv University;
2011 – 2015 – Associate Professor, Department of Electronics, Lviv University;
2007 – 2011 – Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics, Lviv University;
2005 – 2006 – Engineer, Department of Electronics, Lviv University.
2002-2005 – postgraduate study at the Department of Electronics in Lviv University, specialty – Physics of semiconductors and dielectrics;
1997-2002 – student, Faculty of Physics, Lviv University, specialization “Semiconductor and Dielectric Physics”, diploma with honors.
1994-1997 – Lviv Physical and Mathematical Lyceum at Lviv University.

2020 – Doctor of Science degree in Physical and Mathematical Sciences
2012 – Certificate of Associate Professor of Electronics (2012)
2006 – Ph.D. degree in Physical and Mathematical Sciences (specialty – physics of semiconductors and dielectrics);


Participation in research projects:

2014 – 2017 – participant in the NATO project “New dosimetry for the classification of people exposed to ionizing radiation” (NUKR.SFPP 984649), Science for Peace and Security Programme;

2000 – 2020 – participated in 9 state budget research projects, including 7 – fundamental, 1 – applied, and 1 – development.


Honors, awards, scholarships:

2009 – 2011 – Personal 2-year Scholarship of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for Young Scientists;

2007 – award of the Lviv Regional State Administration and the Lviv Regional Council for Young Scientists;

2014 – Diploma of the Department of Education and Science of the Lviv Regional State Administration for high achievements in teaching and educating of pupils.


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