Educational Computer Electronics Laboratory

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The educational laboratory of the computer electronics was established in 2016 when reorganized Department of Semiconductor Physics. Scientific supervisor of the laboratory is Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics) Professor Bohdan Koman, Laboratory staff are leading specialist Mysko M.Ya.,and engineer Myrtsalo S.М.

The laboratory provides students with the following specialties:

  • Computer Science and Information Technology;
  • Micro- and Nanosystems Technology.

In the laboratory, students carry out laboratory workshops on educational disciplines:

  • “Computer circuitry and computer architecture”;
  • “Analogue and digital circuitry”;
  • “Micro- and nano-elektron systems”;
  • “Computer hardware”.

Laboratory staff created unique laboratory stands for computer electronics, which do not have standard analogues.


Laboratory Chief ManagerIvan FedorovychLaboratory Chief Manager

Teaching materials

To ensure the educational process, the educational-methodical improvement is constantly being improved base. In recent years, such teaching and methodological works have been issued:

  1. Koman B.P. Laboratory Workshop on Semiconductor Electronics / B.P. Koman, M.Ya. Mysko – Lviv: LNU named after Ivan Franko, 2011. – 370 p.;
  2. Koman B.P. Functional elements of information systems based on semiconductor electronics Tutorial. -Lviv: LNU named after Ivan Franko, 2018.-800 p.;
  3. Koman B.P., Mysko M.Ya. Basics of computer electronics. Textbook. -Lviv: LNU named after Ivan Franko, 2018-410 p..